On this blog comments are enabled.

They are not, by strictest definitions open.

  • Your posts will be moderated.  This means you make a reply don’t expect it to show up right away.  Don’t try sixty-five times then send me an email saying it doesn’t work.  I will simply call you stupid, then point and laugh.  Or I might decide to add some variety by pointing and laughing before I call you stupid.  I like to keep things diverse.
  • Disrespect will not be tolerated unless it’s obviously meant to be funny.  Believe me, if you’re the next George Carlin you’re welcome to say things.  Really.  Cross the line, and this being my site and my blog and my rules I’m the judge, jury, executioner, and God when it comes to deciding said line.  Toe the line I might warn you, cross it and you’re fucking banned.  I’ve little patience and am not going to play the warnings game.
  • Threats will not be tolerated.  I don’t care if you’re threatening to rape someone’s cat with a rhinoceros.  If it’s fanciful enough I’ll ban you.  If it’s not fanciful then your IP and comment will be promptly forwarded to the authorities, aka police, FBI, whatever is appropriate.  You can explain to them just exactly why you think that someone should break into so-and-so’s house and beat them with a fire iron.  I don’t want to hear it, but I’m sure they’d love to; and when you’re done I’m sure your new friends at the pen. will love to hear it too, especially whosever bitch you’ve just become.  It might amuse them.
  • Base stupidity won’t be tolerated either.  I’m the last person to say anything about typos and glitchy grammar, but at least try to make it resemble English.  If English ain’t your first language, that’s okay, you can run it through Google Translate or something, just tell us you did and we’ll forgive you.  If English is your first language and you elect to sound like an inbred retarded idiot don’t be surprised if your post never shows up in the comments.  It might show up in a post wherein I’m pointing and laughing, but that’s it (genuine mental deficiencies don’t count, obviously).

There, you’ve been warned.  Follow the rules, and you’ll be fine.  Don’t follow them and you’ll be banned and/or mocked and/or visited by law enforcement.  Simple, right?