Revisiting Calibre

For those in The Know, there’s a program that’s for managing your eBook library which includes file conversion capabilities.

Long story short, I had some rather choice things to say about it once upon a time.  Well, as of yesterday, that opinion has changed: it’s Not Bad.

I still prefer Pages for generating my ePUB files because it creates cleaner code.  But I will now trust Calibre to make my MOBI files for the Kindle.

In my case I generate an ePUB in Pages.  Make tweaks to the file using Calibre and Komodo as I’ve described before, then afterwards convert the ePUB to MOBI.  Leave all the options default seems to be best.  And I wound up with some perfectly beautiful files.

This is especially fantastic since, otherwise, I’d have had to use InDesign — a program I loathe.

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