Random Update

So this is just an arbitrary post to give an update on the status of the redraft, and because I found that really cool picture and wanted an excuse to use it (the images used in this update aren’t random — there’s a common thread to them all, but I’m not saying what because I think it’ll be hilarious to see what people start theorising about that now I’ve said something).

As those who care have seen Chapter 1 is up, and I’ll hopefully be done editing Chapter 2 in time for Sunday. I’ve penned chapters 3 and 4 but haven’t typed them and am well on my way through Chapter 5.

For those who are thinking ‘holy shit, this guy isn’t going to finish before Christmas, let alone Halloween,’ it might be worth noting that this is closer in length to such works as A Princess of Mars, Treasure Island, and similar works (and is more largely inspired by them than any more modern works you want to dream up — odds are I’ve never even heard of whatever it is you’re thinking to compare me to unless it was written by Terry Pratchett, Ed Greenwood, or Spider Robinson, and other such geniuses).

Things should go smoothly enough to manage my deadline. Weather permitting (in this world?! Weather?! How!? Don’t you have air conditioning, or heat or indoor plumbing, or walls?! Yes to all, and that’s the problem. I detest air conditioning and find it stifling and distracting. Walls also are uninspiring. I do a lot of my best thinking at a park by a local lake — or even out on the back porch where I can laugh at playful squirrels instead of doing that writing thing that’s so much less important.)

Yes, this is a lot less professional looking than the other updates. I never said those were professional looking on purpose, did I?

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