Publication woes

Smashwords is a bust. Massive arguments with things and, all-in-all too much headache for not enough benefit, especially when something failed to work as advertised while carefully following the instructions in the stupid Style Guide (which I might add should have clued me in since it’s not exceptionally well formatted or laid out which leaves it, at times, rather hard to follow).

I’ve made up my mind. For the next 3-9 months this tale will be an Amazon Kindle exclusive. Frankly I’m neither a fan of Amazon (I’ve been known to call it the Walmart of the internet – not a compliment), nor am I impressed with either the Kindle devices or the Apps.

What I am impressed with, though, is reasonable royalties, acceptable terms, for the short term, and ease of submission and formatting. I will be using the Kindle Select service for a period of no more than three quarters until I can make my own arrangements to be available for the Nook, iBooks, and Kobo. I will also be working hard to ensure there will be available a high quality hardback and, possibly, trade paperback. There will not be any pocket paperback editions; simply put I believe they are too low quality for the price to be a worthwhile media. Put another way I’ll not sell a format I won’t buy except from a used bookstore when a better format isn’t available.

For those who saw earlier post advising the use of services like Smashwords: I’m sorry. I was working off of research that was incomplete and inaccurate regarding the ease of certain things. Also, at the time i reached those conclusions Amazon didn’t offer the Kindle Select service and that left SW the best thing at the time. Since then more things have come long where a competent person with a reasonable amount of patience can simple produce their own ePub document and distribute it manually OR via less convoluted distribution services.

The book will be submitted for sale, probably, Wednesday or Thursday and from all accounts ought to be available for purchase within 48hrs following. I will keep posted pn the progress of this effort. With luck it won’t be the (mis)adventure that Smashwords was.

On a final note, for those looking for omething to read Smashwords does have a vast selection of, mostly it seems, short fiction, but also of epic novels and such. Perusing the offerings of those who weren’t defeated by the insane dictates of the meatgrinder (what they actually call their software) might be a worthwhile exercise.


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