Once again, Scalzi impresses

So Scalzi is at it again, impressively dishing out the shit that is reality to the people who have their heads up their arses.

It’s about Sexism in geekdom.  Something I’d not been aware of, but in my own defence I don’t hang out with many geeks … at least not male ones.  I’ve never been to a con, don’t go to geek hangouts, etc.  And growing up, if a girl was interested in something cool I just accepted that as a point in her favour, if she was into something I thought was ridiculously girly … well, she’s a girl, that’s what that stuff was for, therefore it made sense, no points against, duh.  As time progressed I even started to think some of the girly stuff was cool (hey, the Rainbow Bright movie was fucking awesome, so fuck off).

Reader Request Week 2013 #9: Women and Geekdom

APRIL 13, 2013 BY  185 COMMENTS

In e-mail, Brian asks:

Women in Geekdom. Why is this all exploding now? Where is it going?

I am assuming Brian means women in geek-related fields taking a stand against the both latent and overt sexism in those fields and having to deal with outsized, histrionic freakouts some geek dudes are having about it in response.

What’s happening? To explain, let me go to one of my favorite little bits in the film The American President, which I think these days is best known as writer Aaron Sorkin’s rough draft of The West Wing. The scene has President Andrew Shepherd navigating his way through a Christmas party at the White House and coming across a florid, very concerned man in a green jacket:


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