Making a little progress

I’m finally somewhat happy with some very small progress I’ve made in the Kaelee & Dejah series.

I’m treating it far more like a fairy story (Narnia-esque) instead of high fantasy (Hobbit-esque).

So far that’s working.  So yay for me!

I’ve also been slightly inspired by watching Pacific Rim toward maybe writing something involving that.  I’ve a very vague picture in my head of various Universal Nexus characters in an AU setting in closer to modern Earth fighting giant alien monsters.  Though I think the Mecha in this one are going to be a little more Bubblegum Crisis than Pacific Rim.  But only maybe.  Depends how much one of the characters winds up taking after Anastasia or Georgia.

Could be fun.  Or it could wind up like my space marine short story and I get so distracted from the idea by a big mountain of bullshit that I end up forgetting the idea and never finishing it.  Sadness.

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