How to tweak an EPUB

For those looking for a decent way to tweak an EPUB book, found a good trick for it. Most shit recommends this idiot program called Sigil. Don’t use it, it’s a pain that will actually change your formatting JUST BY OPENING THE FILE IN IT! Yes folks, you read that right. Instead get this other software called Calibre.

It’s a pain in the arse for totally other reasons that have to do with MOBI files (henceforth known as the one tools of Satan who is AKA Amazon).

Step 2 is you import your ePub into Calibre. That part’s really easy. If you need help at this step you should stop right here. There’re people who will scalp you for lots of money to do this editing the file stuff for you, I recommend you talk to them. My rate is $175/book.

Step 3 right click your ePub in the Calbire library and choose tweak book. Then explode the book. You’ll see a folder with some goofy looking shit in it. Open the one that says OPS.

Now you’re looking at some XHTML files. Eep, what to do?! You COULD open notepad, but that’ll give you eyestrain, and cancer. Don’t get cancer, stay away from notepad. Komodo, it’s a nicer program. It colour codes your HTML/CSS tags so it’s easier to tell them apart from the rest of the text. Bluefish is a good choice too … kinda. If you’re a Linux user the differences between these two is largely academic, for everyone else I’d say komodo is a bit less evil.

Find the bits you need to make adjustments to. Save these changes. When you’re done go back to Calibre and hit restore book (or something like that, it’s NOT cancel or Preview, and you can’t explode an exploded book so you only have one option left. If you still can’t get the damned thing whole again you suck, I will now laugh at you.) Now you can hit view in Calibre, and assuming you didn’t do something retarded you should see the changes you wanted and they should look awesome and you can click “Show path” to get at your new, shiny fresh ePub and do whatever the fuck it is you were going to.

yay! you’re done.


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