Grumbling and Swearing

Life would be a lot easier if my characters could just hold a ruddy pen and write their stories themselves.  Really it would.

So, from a certain point of view I’m currently working on five things and none of them are being at all co-operative.

The furthest along are a story about Jasmine, one of Georgia’s mothers who doesn’t have a role in Stolen Time who was born into and grew up fighting a war against extinction. It’s already rough so I know it’s not going to be one of those things that I finish and go “Hot DAMN, let’s get this to press!” No, not close. It’ll need a few major editorial reviews first. Sadly I don’t really have a clue what happens next. I know the beginning, and I know the end. I don’t seem to speak enough Allurian to follow Jasmine’s explaining the middle bit.

Next is the tale of how Anastasia, the quirky techno-confused thespian became a member of Darrien’s Daggers. This one, fortunately, I know very well what’s in the middle. I’m having a terrible time narrating it.

Next is Salandra’s story. See she has an adventure on a student exchange program to the T.C., but that one is only a prologue and a “I know what’s supposed to happen” situation. It hasn’t taken shape yet. I guess the best way to put it is that I don’t have a clue what kind of story it’s supposed to be, yet. I’m also just feeling horribly uninspired where it’s concerned.

Next is the Lady Salarissa’s Salon short stories collection. Happy thing! I’ve decided it ought to be Volume 1 of a series of these! Basically I’m thinking it’s going to be a lot of origins. How various iconic members of the Salon came to be there. This one really could be going better but I, frankly, can’t keep my mind in the right gear lately. Too many distractions. Oh well, c’est la vie.

Finally there’s the story of Kaelee and Dejah. As who and what they are is something of a spoiler I’ll leave that off and just say that they are supposed to be an adventure series set in a fantasy world. This one would be flowing just fine but my brain keeps getting in the way. Sadly, if I were inclined to evil overlordship I think the world would be in trouble. Suffice to say the Big Bad Evil Bad Guy Person keeps winding up a teensy bit too smart. This is never a good thing. This is Universal Nexus. The Good Guys don’t always win, but virtually always, and certainly almost every time they’re on camera! I mean where would we be today if there’d ever been doubt that Buck Roger’s would win? That John Carter would come out on top?! That a nine year old kid who accidentally activates a Naboo star fighter with R2-D2 in it could take down the invading Separatists and save the day?! Anarchy, chaos, mayhem, fear! That’s where we’d be! (You thought I was going to make one of those comments that gives agents hives about Tea Partiers ruling the world, or some such. Nonesense. I’d never do such a thing, not even in an implied and subtle manner such as a perfectly innocent looking aside. Nope, not me. I behave myself.)

There — venting is supposed to be therapeutic. If that’s the case, perhaps I’ll get somewhere in one of those stories soon. [Hey! GODS!! nod nod, wink wink and stuff!!]


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