Goodbye little sweetheart 

 Meet Visit-the-ungodly-with-explanatory-pamphlets … or Visi to those who loved him … which was everybody who knew him.

Two years ago he came into our lives dehydrated, scared, lonely, hungry … and so little he could fit in a camera case for a Canon Elph … Digital.  His eyes still had some blue to them.  4, maybe 5 weeks old, six on the outside.

He was the personification of the god of cuddles.

His life was rough.  It included a universe and those are bewildering and often scary things to a very small sweet kitty, but he had protectors and love.  He also had a purr like the engine of an 18-wheeler.

Sometime in the past few days was his second ever birthday.  We missed it because Monday he became ill-ish, by Tuesday you’d swear he’d neither eaten nor drank in days … and had in the course of that day quit doing both.

This evening he died.

He is sorely missed by all.  But at least he can see Jackie again.  She was always his favourite.  And he’ll meet Tas, who he had ever so much in common with.

The gods are wretched bastards … one of these days the lot of them are getting punched in the nose at the very least.

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