Ever wanted to garrotte someone with their own entrails?

Well, tomorrow is the final day that there’ll be a City of Heroes. Quite probably forever.

I love that game. I do. No other MMO has even a millionth of a percent worth of comparative appeal. The devs did a phenomenal job on it. And NCSoft is going to scrap it for their own petty fucking egos.

I’m sorry, you can’t fucking say you tried to preserve the game. If that were the case you wouldn’t have hired folks ten days before firing the Paragon team. You wouldn’t fire the guy who thanked the fans for buying the dev crew dinner. You wouldn’t turn away offers to buy the game, the engine, or the IP. You wouldn’t fucking shut down the most popular, number one superhero MMO (yeah, folks, there really are others! They just weren’t worth shit next to CoH) and one of the MMO industry leaders. You don’t claim to want to keep the IP for possible future ideas when you’ve fucking fired the people behind it, and already torpedoed a CoH2 years ago.

I’ve had a tremendous time playing that game. The last game I loved that much that was remotely serious was probably Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant by SirTech. Last game I simply loved this much and had such a good time playing … probably the LEGO Star Wars games for the Game Cube.

I’m highly selective of my games. They have to be pretty good just or me to play them. Very good for me to enjoy them. Spectacular for me to love them. I do not play most new games, I’ve met few in recent years that were anything but pretty graphics on shitty code and shittier game play, and replay value is NIL, they’re a ingle railroad storyline and nadda. That’s fine for the old NES games, they only had so much room. But today?! If 3.5MB with VGA graphics on a 286 with 1MB of RAM could be remarkably replayable (the afore mentioned wiz7) then these multigig monstrosities should be far more interesting.

I will pray and hope that, one day, I can find the software to run my own private server. I won’t open it to the world, I don’t want a lawyer telling me to turn it off. Just one day, a computer in my home will have that software. That computer will have a population of only a couple of players, but that computer would see great care and attention, for it will house something precious. Until that day I will pray someone, one day, finds the means to wrest the tame from the greedy, incompetent, childish, braindead hands of those bastard pricks at NCSoft. Who could now write a game 100% guaranteed to induce nirvana and I shan’t so much as touch it. I’ve no trust or faith in them.

A moment of silence for the great Lady Saibh, Tera Evans, Siochana, and Tick Tock Man. And a moment of sadness for Falcora who, while cruelly and uncaringly villainous, will now never return o her home planet nor see her name among the great fashion designers of the world.

Goodbye Dillo, Twinshot, Flambeau, Proton, and Grym. I hope the Shining Stars keep on in some flip side universe where NCSoft isn’t run by morons with their heads so far up their arses they keep choking.

Goodbye to Galaxy City and all the rest. You were the best virtual playground I’ve ever seen.

Goodbye to Paragon Studios; you did a fantastic and wonderful job and I hope some other game company sees your tremendous worth and snatches you all up soon.

Rot in Hell NCSoft; you can go fuck yourselves heartily with a cheese grater.

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