Where by all the gods is she?!

What in all the gods’ names has happened to Jaye?! I mean, bloody hell, she hasn’t made a post in like forever; no new short stories; no gripping sequel to Stolen Continue Reading →

I’m a genderless vulpinoid lifeform from Juniper

So there’s a … kerfuffle? going on in the universe of writing, reviewing, and publishing. Has to do with details of who an author is. Now, I will grant this: Continue Reading →

Goings on

Wow, so I’ve not said anything in a long time.  Unless I become like famous and I’m talked about in public forums and such, this is probably going to be Continue Reading →

And people wonder why I want out of this country

Has anyone seen this stupid shit “decision” by the 6th circuit judges?! Seriously:  WHAT THE FUCK!? I mean it’s bad enough when we have elected officials saying things like this Continue Reading →

What a ‘wow’ moment …

At the place I work they’ve got this thing for regonising “wow moments” … it’s one of those idiotic fluffy bullshit things companies do, none of us can ever manage Continue Reading →