Back to work

Visit, the Adorable the night we found him.

It’s time I dusted this site off a little and got back to taking it seriously.

I’m sorry for the long absence, but I’ve been distracted by myriad things.

From now on, once a week, probably Sundays but maybe Mondays, I’ll have something new here.

Mostly, right now, I’ll be talking generically about writing and thoughts of various sorts.  But I’ll also try to have a bit of a status report on various works in progress.

Right now a big part of the to-do list is:

  • Get Tapestry of Life a) a real title instead of the working one — especially given that Shannon and I can’t even agree on the working title.  b) edited and published.  We’re really sorry it isn’t out yet.  Some formatting insanity ensued at the same time a lot of shit started hitting the fan and life got nuts.  We sort of lost track of the whole project.
  • Get back to work on Anastasia’s story and Branded.  I’ve just been stuck here.  Plain and simple writer’s block.
  • More entries on the Guide!  There’s not much excuse for this other than I keep forgetting to think of anything to write on it.  I’ve no ruddy clue what Shannon’s excuse is, I never thought to ask.
  • Discover the secret to Professor Burroughs’s continua device and move to Sweytz.

In the news, Shannon does have a new book out.  It’s good folks, really, I mean it.  I’m not saying this because I’m married to the woman.  Believe me, if it wasn’t I’d say so.  She’s written some things that … just trust me, this one’s worthwhile.  The Crown of Eldrete (Kavaliro Cousins #1) is the title.  It’s a novella, or maybe a novellette (I’m lousy at keeping these things straight) available in ebook and print.  It’s half off at Smashwords right now (remember when searching to have The in the damned title, Smashwords’ search engine is a touch retarded) and the other books in Universal Nexus are free (anyone remember ‘Once a Hero …’ and Stolen Time?).

Apropos of nothing we have a new kitten.  His name is Visit (yes, as in Visit-The-Ungodly-With-Explanitory-Pamphlets aka Cpl Washpot), he’s black (well, exceedingly dark brown as is made clear in sunlight), he’s tiny, he’s the sweetest and cuddliest little thing I’ve ever met, and positively adorable.  That’s him up at the start of the post.

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