Yes, I’m still alive

So, what in hell have I been up to lately?

Shannon’s got her new book out and everything, making 3 (why do I have this terrible feeling I’m miscounting?) and I’m still sitting here with only Stolen Time.

Well, to be honest, while I’ve got ideas for further Universal Nexus novels/novellas I just haven’t been inspired really to get them very far.  They keep getting stuck … horribly.

I have written several short stories, and sooner or later I’ll actually get them typed up and posted!  See, I don’t often find myself with a lot of keyboard time for various reasons and there always seems to be something with greater priority (like sanity preserving entertainment) to take priority over a type-up.

Aside from that I’ve been recovering from my surgery … have recovered, mostly.  Still the odd twinge of pain, but it’s only been a week since I got the staples and drain removed so no shit, right?  Or is it a week and a half now?  Hell with it, doesn’t matter.  I’m getting a lot of strength back and stamina and life’s getting back to something like normal; still on some meds — ended up with some infection related swelling (yay) and am taking antibiotics, so suffice to say random bouts of nausea keep happening and other things that come from the unavoidable disruption of natural stomach fauna (thank the gods for yoghurt or I’d be in pretty bad shape).

Still, I’m alive.  I’m writing.  Life progresses, and I’ll have some interesting books to publish sooner or later.  In the meantime I’m going to think of something to rant about soon because it’s been far too long since I’ve had a good excuse to use ‘fuck’ four times in a single sentence.

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