Where by all the gods is she?!

English: a TARDIS prop being assembled in London.

English: a TARDIS prop being assembled in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What in all the gods’ names has happened to Jaye?!

I mean, bloody hell, she hasn’t made a post in like forever; no new short stories; no gripping sequel to Stolen Time; no other new Universal Nexus books!  It’s like she’s vanished off the face of the Earth swallowed up in some horrible tragedy involving an epic lightning strike, a TARDIS, and a 4Tb drive full of midget yiffy porn!!

Maybe we should call in the crew of the Gay Deceiver to go search for her.

Oh … wait … she’s me, or possibly I’m her.  N/m.  I don’t have a 4Tb drive, let alone one full of midget yiffy porn.  It exists, I surmise (see Rule 34), but not my kink.

To be honest I just have had like fuck nothing to say.  I could talk about the elections here in the US, but what’s there to say?  The GOP candidates are all complete fascist assholes who aren’t just perfect idiots only slightly brighter than Bush Jr was.  Hillary is just a non-fascist Republican in a bad outfit.  Do any other Dems exist except Bernie (?this guy!!?)?  And I guess no third-party worth mentioning is running (except, technically, Bernie).

A lot of other shit in the news is too depressing.  Mass shootings?  WTF America?!  The whole anti-Islam thing?  If we’re going to hold what a handful of extremist fundamentalists do against an entire religion and then ban them from the country, we need to kick out the Christians:  exhibit A = The Crusades • exhibit B = The Southern Baptist Convention • exhibit C = 99.9999% (statistic is approximate measure determined by rigorous glancing at page and making up a number – why not, it works for the groups on the list and the GOP… who is, strangely, missing from said list – of the Southern Poverty Law Centre‘s hate-group list).

For what it’s worth I’ve been writing.  Have I mentioned the story about Courtney yet?  It’s cool.  A kid who hasn’t had much presence (any presence?) in stuff written and made public so far, who is an Allurian (yeah, I really ought to do an h2g2 on Alluria and the rest of the Vorton galaxy) and is a telepath gets to be the third-person limited POV of a story about her meeting a boy about her own age from Ruvellia (still working on that entry) … comedy (romantic-ish comedy, but mostly just comedy) ensues.  Okay, shitty blurb, but I’ve been out of bed about and hour and a half and I’m not sure ‘awake’ has entered the equation just yet, so chill out.

Well, off to spend 8hrs earning my pay in a Norman Rockwell painting.


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