What’s going on and other rambling

I’m writing, but mostly on my Other Project, but I’ve been getting some material up on The Universal Nexus Guide to Everything.  There’ve also been some short stories written. One was intended for a short stories anthology coming up, but it wasn’t quite what they were looking for so I’ve sent it off to Asimov and … we’ll see.

There’s going to be a published selection of Universal Nexus short stories that Shannon and I will be putting out for free.  It, as with all our books, will be on Nook, Kobo, Kindle, Smashwords, DriveThru Fiction, and iBooks.  We may also make a print edition — this, naturally, will not be free.  As of right now it’s called Tapestries of Life, which isn’t our favourite title so will probably change.  This isn’t really news, it’s just that it’s floated its way back up to the top of the pipeline.

Shannon has some completed longer stories that are in editing phase, since she doesn’t seem to feel very inclined to say so.

Branded, Ana’s story, and Lady Salarissa’s Salon are all pretty well stuck at the moment.  Their ETAs are officially, at the moment, before Ragnarök give or take a few days.


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