What next?

So it took forever, longer than most anyone reading this knows, to get Stolen Time published, so it begs the question: What’s next and how long the wait?

To the first I say one of Shannon’s stories, a short story starring Viktor and a previously unmentioned character named Bobby.

To the second … frankly it’s been ready for weeks, possibly month. Shannon’s just stuck on, of all things some final fiddly bits involving the copyright pages, and dedication. I’ll guess at within a week, though.

It’s probably more of a wonder, though, what else is in store.

That’s, frankly, a great question to which I don’t know the answer. I am writing, but not Universal Nexus. I, therefore, won’t discuss the work here. I’m writing it under a pseudonym for various reasons. Perhaps once it is out and has been for a while I’ll mention it here and that’s the end of that. As for more universal nexus stuff I’ve the following projects in various stages of complete:

  • An untitled story about Georgia’s mother, Jasmine, who was born during the war in Vorton against Drochslem and the Dichidians.
  • A story about how it is that Anastasia became a Dagger in the first place.
  • A story about Salandra, one of Georgia’s sisters and a student exchange program with the Terran Confederation.
  • A grand adventure and romance starring another of Georgia’s sisters, Rialanna (she’s a space pirate)
  • An epic fantasy series involving Kaelee & Dejah, Georgia and Serena’s daughters.
  • Finally there’s Lady Salarissa’s Salon which will be a short story collection, or series thereof, centred around the goings on of that splended place full of Leytgeleshi.
  • A slice of life tale about Lorixa, Salandra’s wife.
  • To try to remember to have some male characters, if only for the novelty (in fairness I do have some I just have no stories about them very much worth telling.

Which of these will be next? Who knows? I’m furthest along with either Ana or Jasmine, but thrice I’ve gotten quite far writing Sal’s before giving up. We’ll have to wait and see. In the mean time keep a watch on our Facebook page or check back at the main site for free vignettes, and other too short to sell stuff.

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