Well, 20/20 hindsight and all that

So I got to researching Nook.  Turns out the research I’d done before was flawed.  In fact, what had happened was this.  Barnes & Nobles’ PubIt! site wouldn’t load for a couple days to speak for itself and the self publishing information out there was written by morons who, it turns out now that I’ve had a chance to go looking again, to not know when they’re reading the guidelines to have a PRINT BOOK listed with bn.com.  Turns out, for Nook I needed only have waited for the site to come back up (or Knology to fix their DNS or routing tables again whichever was the issue) and done pretty much what I did with Amazon with two exceptions.  First infinitely less headache:  Nook uses ePub.  Secondly no exclusivity:  TRUE my exclusivity with Amazon was voluntary, but that’s because agreeing to that exclusivity gave me advantages that not doing so didn’t involve.  Those advantages have since served their purpose AND have not been worth the headache of dealing with the .mobi format nor with Amazon’s outmoded updates model.

Oh, yeah, by the way, Nook’s updates policy straight from their FAQ:  If you replace your NOOK Book file, customers who have already purchased and downloaded your NOOK Book will not have the NOOK Book replaced on their devices. If they delete and re-download your NOOK Book, or if they download the NOOK Book for the first time to a new device, they will receive the updated file.

Now, ain’t that just something folks? Nook does it like iBooks does (I seem to recall being told I had an update and getting the option to d/l it. Now, true, this doesn’t say 100% that Nook users get notified, but at least it plainly states all they gots do is redownload it which is better than Amazon offers!

The only other downside of Barnes & Noble? Lower royalty. 65% instead of 70%. Such a shame, but then again Apple, last I checked gives something like 80% so … it all balances in the end.

What this means to you, I’m sure with far greater importance: October 09, 2012 the Nook version will be submitted for final review which should put it available for purchase on the 10th. I’d submit it late on the 8th so it can clear on the 9th, but I’m not sure how Amazon counts things so I’m not sure if the morning of the 9th I’m free of my exclusivity with them, or if the 9th is the final date in the exclusivity. So I’ll just wait for the 9th to come around and submit then when I can know for sure.

Again, the Amazon version will remain in place. No sense taking it down.

The iBookstore version will, with any luck, be submitted near about the same time, but it might not. Depends what I learn when I take careful stock of what I’ve got to do to submit to the iBookstore through means that aren’t iBook Author (a neat program I’ll grant, but Scheiße for doing classic eBooks. Text books and more interactivy things? Totally can dig it. I ain’t that kinda author though. My artistic talents are pretty limited to the written word.)


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