We are still a barbarism

That this video makes any statement more than “here is love” or tells any more than a cute montage of a sweet relationship growing till the finally commitment of one life to another is a sad statement on the race of Humans found on Earth.

In Universal Nexus, it is true that many characters are in same-sex relationships, many, though, are in opposite-sex relationships. Some are in plural relationships, others are monogamous for one reason or another. I tell you now the points of the stories is never about LBGT rights. The time of these stories the overwhelming bulk of humanity has grown past such barbarism as to need to make any kind of point in that regard. The only statement it makes is the lack of one, or in less pseudo-Zen weirdity it’s so normal that it’s taken for granted.

Still, we aren’t in the time of Universal Nexus. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to make it come to pass.

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