Wait … is that right?

You may notice the price of the Stolen Time eBook has gone up.

Call it an experiment. It seems a popular wisdom among people who ePublish, and this impacts how Amazon ranks things, is that price and quality have something to do with one another. To a certain extent this may be true, but it also is idiotic. Still, Humans aren’t noted for their brilliance. So an author pricing their books low to be more accessible to more readers may be penalising himself. Isn’t that fun?

Stolen Time‘s sales have been lack luster, so I figure I’ll give it a shot at $3.99 for a spell and see if things pick up. If they do, price stays. If they pick up sufficiently and seem inclined to stay there I’ll bring it back down, same goes if this doesn’t seem to change anything,

So, yes, in a way I’m doing it for more money … in the sense that, counter to all logic and everything you learn in economics courses, raising the price may sell more copies. I’d rather sell a lot of copies for less per sale, but if readers want to pay more per book and overlook the ones under that mystical threshold, I’m inclined to oblige them.

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