Very pissed off

So.  Those following the saga of the Stolen Time update may like to know what I’ve found out so far.

From Amazon themselves?  Not a damned thing yet.

From my own experimentation?  Oh, this is interesting.

Sit back, maybe grab a bit of a snack, and dig this.

Well, as you may or may not have seen (I’m far from the only author who has ever had to update their book for some reason) if a Kindle book gets updated you’ll see a notice at the top of that product’s page (only place you’ll see this by the way) “Instant Order Update”.  Well, if you click anything related to that you’re taken to a receipt for when you bought the Kindle edition of the book.  That’s all.  If you visit you can try to resend the item to your devices/apps, but it sends the version you originally bought, not the update.  If you try to repurchase the, now updated, book you get told you’ve already purchased this.

So … what can you do?

You’ve got two choices.  One is to hope your author has contacted Amazon (this one has) and REQUESTED that they press their magical switch that releases the update to you, and then notifies you about it.  This can take a month, and is at their discretion to do.  They can say no if they don’t feel the update was a critical enough change.

The other is to delete the book from your library from the and then rebuy the book.  Preferably during a period the author might be kindly putting said book on sale, preferably for free (I have done this and it will be going on through today and tomorrow).

There’s a third choice, but for books like Stolen Time that are for some reason exclusive, it’s not really … buy the damned thing from iBookstore.

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