Okay, because Amazon apparently likes to do things the goofy arsed way, here’s the story:
1) the book is back on Amazon in the Kindle store, but still with the old file.  This is because, either, it isn’t done being process (which it really isn,t status still says pending) OR I’m going to have to beat some people at Amazon with a shovel, not actually sure which yet.
2) when you buy something from the kindle store you still get a buy button AT the kindle store.  As far as I can actually tell, the way you get the updated copy (when it come avaialble, hopefully very soon) you have to go to your kindle or kindle app and remove the book from device and then click cloud and redownload.  That OUGHT to fetch the new file … I think.  I can’t really try it yet any better than you can.  Hell, I had to buy the damned thing myself to have a copy (I could import the .mobi file to the OSX Kindle App and pre-wifi kindles, but not to everything else needed it to come from the purchase sync thingy).
If it starts to look like, to get a proper updated copy, requires a repurchase I’ll immediately schedule a new free weekend so no one has to pay to do that (Gods I wish I were dealing with Apple, they’d update the book for you just as soon as it passed their format validation, I know, and Nook is similar as I understand thing).  Anyway, I’ll keep stuff posted.

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