Update and Status

Well, the Prologue and Chapter 1 have been redrafted. If they’re any indication my word count is increasing approximately 50% by switching to 3rd person.

At this rate Stolen Time should be available by the end of September, beginning of October. Halloween is still the outside estimate.

This is assuming that I can maintain or exceed the current redrafting pace and then make quick work of the 2 or 3, minimum, revision runs I will feel morally compelled to do before inflicting my narratives (especially with me as the narrator instead of the characters) on the general public.

All in all I’ve been glad for the decision to switch the POV of the narrative, I’m really gaining a lot more than I’m losing (sadly, I am losing some bits and they really were good) and that the story is coming out a bit more compelling and engrossing. Or I’m delusional, but whatever.

Still, I’ve set myself a deadline of 23:59 eastern time 31 October 2011 to be uploading the story to SmashWords, but unlike major publishers, though, if the story ain’t ready yet at that time then it won’t be published until it is.

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