Update and Apology

Well, first off the apology. I forgot to upload sample chapter 4 this weekend. I lost track of the date and thought it’d only been a week since the last upload. I don’t do such good maths when time and date things get involved.

Progress has been good, though not as good as I’d hoped. I’m still hoping for my 23:59 31.10.11 release deadline (or sooner of course), but that’s possibly going to have to be an early November date instead.

In further news, the initial publication will be ePub. There will be a dead tree edition for those of you who still prefer them, I promise. It just might have to wait until January or February 2012. Blame it on the ISBN folks. From what I can tell they used to sell blocks of 10 or more ISBNs for what they now sell 1. And considering that by the time you are getting more than 10 you’re getting over 80% and 90% discount it’s quite obvious they’re just trying to rip off small publishers and self-publishers.

Some advice for other writers out there: From what I’ve read, unless you’re talking about submitting short stories to magazines that still do that sort of thing, just skip the major publishers and a lot of the agents. There’s a whole list of reasons spread across the blogs of various authors and several news articles and so forth, but suffice to say right now the royalties blow, the advances are laughable, and the agents and publishers both keep not paying people (or at least skimming more than their contractual share).

These websites are your friends:
Smashwords — if you can work a word processor and follow very simple instructions, then use a webbrower (once again following simple instructions) this will put you in virtually all ebook stores currently out there. If you find this process difficult by all means contact me and I’ll do it for you for us$75 per title. I accept .doc, .docx, .pages, .odt … oh screw it, don’t use anything too obscure and I’ve probably got a way to open it.

Lightning Source — this is the deadtree version of the above except the formatting is less picky. The important difference is you’ll have to get your own ISBN. That leads us to …

isbn-us.com — Why pay $125 per ISBN when you can pay $55? What’s the difference? ISBN databases will show “Independent Publisher” instead of “[[Insert name here]]”. Are you really so vain you’ll pay $70 more for that?


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