Took bloody long enough

Cover for an issue of Asimov's Science Fiction.

So I’ve got a short story submitted to Asimov’s Science Fiction. I send it in February — the damned thing is only just today showing “Under Review” (that means someone’s finally looking at it)! Two damned months on somone’s desk?! And people wonder why I feel like the SF publishing industry is disrespectful and arrogant. I mean, come on. Two months?!

Sure, short story, one of only like 3 SF mags out there, mountain of submissions. I know, but doesn’t make me feel any damned better about it.

That said, I am now very nervous and anxious as I wait to see if they accept it.

Update: well, I won’t be in Asimov’s. Sad, but I can’t be TOO sad at not being in a mag I don’t read. Got a couple other options I might send it to, or I might just put it up on the website.

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