To all the hells with SOPA & PIPA

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock this should explain it. I’m not a fan of the EFF, but in this case I agree with them: this is some stupid shit.

Think about it this way: It’s a copyright protection act (ostensibly, anyhow. Since the US congress is behind it I’m far more willing to believe corporate tyranny is the true motivator), and I’m someone whose name is on copyright protected work. With me so far? Now, this is the part that might be hard to follow, but here goes. Keeping in mind the aforesaid bits about me being a copyright holder, this bill being ostensibly about protecting copyright, and I’ve not only already called it “stupid shit”, but I’m also going to add to that that the people who though this thing up should stick their heads in a duck’s bottom or be drug into the street and shot — I’m not picky, though I imagine having a lobbyist or politician up its arse would be unsanitary … I mean that duck could catch any number of things. Probably should stick with the firing squads. I’m, before anyone gets confused here, not talking about or suggesting assassination … that has a habit of making martyrs. I’m suggesting bloody revolution, I am. Get it right. I mean, there’s a huge difference. Or at least public execution, which is truer, but I’m not missing the opportunity to use that bloody revolution bit now I’ve thought it.

In any event there’re a few billion petitions out there, an hundred places to contact your congressmen about it, etc. If you haven’t yet you should use one of them. I could go into a long list of reasons, but I won’t. It seems to me that a right thinking, literate person ought to be able to figure that one their own.

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