This is what going mad feels like

As if I don’t have enough stories I’m stuck on and working on I suddenly get inspired to yet another.

Yes, another one. It was supposed to be hardly anything more than a fun little distraction I was writing for myself as a way to occupy myself at work when I’m not feeling very inspired toward anything I’m working on, or I’m too busy to give them the attention required. It’s still, technically, that I suppose, but it’s starting to swim around in my head in that way that tells me I’m full of shit if I actually believe it.

What is this strange new distraction? Well, I was thinking to give it a title like The Power of Love because it sounds catchy, and is relevent to an emergent theme I’ve kinda noticed. What’s it about? Ostencibly it’s about a Xentorn girl named Lorixa. That’s it. I could get deep and wordy, but in the end, that’s the answer. This emergent theme business gives me the alternative answer of love and friendship and their power to supercede and overcome nearly the entire spectrum of emotional experience. That’s fancy talk for it gets really sweet in spots.

This wouldn’t be a problem if it’d maintained momentum. In two days I’d written over 5700 words! That, for the not-writers is a not insignificant figure. At least not when that’s the keepable word count, and with nothing getting thrown out save a word or sentence here and there as one struggles to get an ornery sentence to co-operate. Then it stops. No idea where it goes from here. Where it ends up, oh yeah. But the next step to get there? Yeah, I’ve got ideas but nothing that wants to come out well.

So, I’m not going to list it all but this makes now … nine WIPs and I know I’m forgetting about something. I wish my brain would finsih one idea before getting another. Really … it’d make things flow more smoothly I’m sure. Probably. Maybe. Okay, I’ll allow I’m probably being delusional on that point, but damnit that’s what wishful thinking is all about!

And to illustrate what the inside of my head feels like with all those WIPs hitting walls, dead ends, tar pits, and so forth I present to you a lot of kittens being adorable and going quite mad themselves:

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