This feels entirely too much like planning

Well, I finished part of my Other Project and have found the time, energy, and inspiration to work on some of my Universal Nexus ideas — namely the Kaelee & Dejah series.

I’ve been writing — in the regards of putting pen on paper — but I haven’t been writing.  I’ve been jotting down notes, and pre-populating bits of the scenery and such.

This feels terrifyingly like planning.

Thankfully I haven’t taken it into my head to try to make an outline (doubly so since I haven’t the faintest idea how one outlines a novel — especially one which has yet to be written).

Notes is normal for me.  I’ve taken a habit of carrying around little lined paged journals for stories I’m working on with the express purpose of keeping notes in — but they’re normally notes as I go!  If I make a character she gets jotted down so I’ll remember how to spell the name, and I’ll jot interesting details down that I might want to recall later.  I’ve never done this sort of thing before I wrote!

As strange and unnatural as it seems it’s helping.  A big part of the hangup in this particular project is that too many ideas going too many directions, some of the quite contradictory.  These notes are helping me narrow things down, wrangle the thoughts, and get something resembling some organisation in what exactly is going to happen and what’s going on.

And yes, I will be starting on this story in terms of real writing soon.  How soon depends on weather or not I give in to my conscience and try to finish Branded or Ana’s story first.

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