The fun fine line between fanfic and official

English: Slash fan art drawn by Yukipon, based...

English: Slash fan art drawn by Yukipon, based on description given by J. K. Rowling in the Harry Potter series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So recently I had a little idea tugging around in my head and decided to write it.

It was a scene from Renata’s past involving a crash where she was unconscious, her shipbot pretty well saved the day, and she found out reason number one why, even with perfect cybernetic prosthesis (think something like Luke’s hand in Star Wars), it’s a BAD IDEA to need them.

Well, I eneded up writing the crash and rescue from Talen’s (the shipbot) perspective.

Now, thing is, Renata and Talen aren’t my characters, nor are they the ones we usually dub shared.  They’re Shan’s.  Also, the whole crash thing is a bit of the history that is firmly part of Shannon’s mind and ideas of the history of the ‘verse.

I wrote it because I felt like it.  So, in those moments, arguably, it was fanfic.

Shan read it, she liked it, so now that’s what happened.

Thing is, is it still fanfic once it’s officially Truth?  Shan even argued that, as a creator in the setting, I can’t really write fanfic.  Another interesting point.  As the creator of a world, setting, etc. is an author ever truly able to write fanfic, or can they only write things that are apocryphal or canonical?  I mean, I could write a story wherein Serena doesn’t marry Georgia – instead she marries Richard.  Is that fanfic?  It’s certainly never going to be canon because, for one thing, Serena has absolutely nothing more than friendly interest in anything male.  So, in that instance, have I written an apocryphal story, or AU fanfic?

If I write a story about Viktor during the Dichidian expansion, is that fanfic?  Even if Shannon decides that, yep, that’s something that happened and how it happened?

Even in a non-shared setting.  Is it actually possible for Rowling, for example, to write actual Harry Potter fanfic?

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