SFWA, the new KKK? -or- If I join the SFWA I’d be in jail

Humorous self portrait by John Scalzi, who pre...

Humorous self portrait by John Scalzi, who previously captioned the image as follows: “John Scalzi is known to amuse himself by altering photos of his own likeness.” Previously uploaded by Scalzihttp://www.scalzi.com/whatever/005013.html with verbiage releasing the image for use on Wikipedia and related sites, but unfortunately it was not properly tagged and was deleted. Original upload log: “19:24, 4 April 2007 Scalzi (Talk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately, though, I’ve other reasons to think, maybe, I oughtn’t feel terribly inclined to join the Science Fiction Writers of America:  too many of it’s most vocal and somewhat influential members are a) fucking morons and b) make me feel like, if things continue along their current tracks, I’d have to show up to the events with a pointy hooded bedsheet on.

 Now I am male, yes.  I am heterosexual, yes.  I am caucasian, yes; in fact with the exception of a little ways back a little African and Cherokee sneaking in I’m almost entirely German/Prussian/Dutch.  I’m not sure how this has any bearing on what my attitudes and opinions ought to be, but I’ll say this:  I’m horribly offended by the number of fuckers in the SFWA who seem to be very vocally upset that female SF authors, especially female SFWA members, and doubly so the black ones, want to be treated fairly, and with respect.  I wish I were reading things into their words, but they sadly put it only very slightly less direct than this.

Obviously these fucking nitwit do not represent all of the SFWA.  There’re the women who they are insulting and disrespecting – though I feel justified to believe that those women aren’t likely to remain members for long; I wouldn’t in their place.  There’re also the likes of John Scalzi, a man whose writing I can’t really get behind, but who I very much dig as a person.  Well, suffice to say he’s getting a lot of flack, and some of his fellow male members, for ~gasp horror of horrors!~ sticking up for these uppity women!

Too, if I were a member I’d be liable to find myself feeling obligated to go to some SFWA function if it came close enough to me (hey, if I was paying $85 per annum for this shit, I might as well, right?!).  Then I’d be liable to meet John Ringo or that other gun nut who writes shitty military SF … Zimmerman or … something that has a Z in it somewhere … whatever his name is he and Ringo and a lot of the others of that ilk (interestingly enough many of them also being the ones who have been on the idiot side of the whole respecting women debacle) would potentially be there which means I’d potentially be in jail for punching them in the face.

See?  I can’t join the SFWA.  It’d land me in jail if I did, and I have this feeling that the SFWA dues don’t include them posting your bail.

Maybe one day I’ll join the Romance Writers of America, though.  Don’t laugh, they make that us$95 per annum really worthwhile.  Trouble is the biggest boon I’d get out of it would involve their forums and I’ve the world’s worst case of ADHD when it comes to interwebs forums.  I’m pretty sure that a week and a half, tops, of being able to participate before I wander off for 6 years or more is not going to be worth $95/yr, probably.

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