Positive impressive from Amazon!

Yes, I’m praising them.

They’ve, quietly (which is disappointing), updated their … well, their updates policy. The previous ranting, I will point out, was after their customer support confirmed their FAQ‘s statement that coyld best be summed up as “if the publisher/author asks nice and we feel like it …”

That has changed folks!

If you’ve already purchased your book and subsequently revise the content and re-publish the updated version, you don’t need to re-purchase the book to get a copy. At this time, it’s not possible for publishers to receive the updated file without contacting KDP Support for help. We’re working to automate this feature and appreciate your understanding with our existing solution to manually send the updated content to your device.

We request your explicit permission, and will do the same for any customers who contact us to receive the updated content, prior to sending the revised file because the new version will not have previously saved Highlights, Last Page Read, Bookmarks, and the location of notes may not match. If this is acceptable, please email kdp-support@amazon.com confirming your permission and which title/s you’d like to have re-sent. Thank you.

Note: Customers who purchased the old content can also contact our Customer Service department to have the new file delivered.

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