Okay – So I was a little wrong

So I said there wouldn’t be a basic paperback edition. I was wrong.

I decided I would check out CreateSpace and the only option I have there is a paperback. So, what the hell. Now, one downside, at the moment this is still Amazon exclusive. This is a personal decision. Amazon’s terms, through CreateSpace, for wider distribution aren’t so great. For wider distribution I’m going with a different service and one I’m not in any mood to do all the fiddly bits to make a cover for. Suffice to say when I’ve the patience it will be available from Barnes & Noble, and … okay, now you see why I’m in no supreme hurry here. Amazon and B&N are about it for places one may buy a print book. Wow.

Still, I want to see a hardback, and I might do a trade paperback.
Due to print costs and so forth this edition will be priced at us$6.99 and will be available in GBP and EUR too at present conversion rates.

Link to the buy it page when one gets around to existing. Amazon’s still reviewing the uploads.


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