Note to self:

Damnit, when I said I shouldn’t have deadlines anymore I should’ve listened to myself.

Well, I didn’t. It’s not far off, it’s just that I didn’t account for a few things.

For those uninterested in reading the linked post I’ll sum it up:  Stolen Time, I said, should be for sale by midnight tomorrow night, the day after.

That was absurdly optimistic of  me and largely due to the euphoria over having finished the hardcore edits.  The polish pass to make sure everything is spelled right, that there’re double spaces where there should be and not where there shouldn’t, that punctuation is correct, etc.  Well … I really got retarded estimating that.  Possibly because I thought Shan and I had caught a lot more of them on the ‘make the story say what it ought to and be readable’ passes.  Yeah, that was silly.  Nearly every paragraph has SOME kind of typing mistake in it.  Ugh.  Upside is, though, that it means you’re getting one hell of a cleaned up copy of the story.

Don’t worry, it isn’t really delayed badly.  Friday 23:59 is still in the realm of possibility, though I expect that Saturday or Sunday is more reasonable, and Monday or Tuesday as an outside.  Though I’m going back to saying that the deadline is ‘before Ragnarok’ rather than try to give anything specific.

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