No more deadline

Well, I’m not going to make a Christmas deadline, nor (I think) a New Year one.

Well, it’s editorial delay and out of my hands. Shan has, in her defense, managed to edit the Prologue and Chapter 1 (finally), but that’s as far as she’s gotten.

Puppy can be left to his own devices for periods, but not long enough ones — and sometimes he manages to have some interesting misadventures. Needless to say he’s still a serious distraction.

Too the weather’s been chaotic and that’s never good for anyone’s general state of health — an epidemic of the blahs occurs every year around this time here.

Anyway — yes the book will be coming out. It had bloody well better be coming out before July. I’d like it to be out before February. I’m just no longer holding my breath it’ll be out before Ragnarok at this rate (I truly hope I’m exaggerating).

[[Image is out of copyright. It is a public domain part of the artwork for Lewis Carroll’s fantastic story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that was drawn by John Tenniel.]]

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