New project, maybe

So I was thinking about a possible … thing to do. Thinking of taking the vignettes and short stories on the website and compiling them together into a free eBook, and possibly into a print book (not free since there’s this little thing called manufacturing costs).

The idea would be to include a little introduction for each one. Might be kind of cute.

I might even unlock comments for this one and ask for opinions, but … it occurs to me that this is the internet. The likelihood that the relevant and constructive thoughts would get buried in an avalanche of bloody stupid, irrelevant nonsense is statistically very high. I’ve no qualms deleting things, banning IPs, and laughing at stupid people and informing them that I was unaware that any human being were so flexible as to fit their heads so far up their arses, but I’m in no mood to.

Instead, as always, hit the contact us link and give feedback if you care enough or have an opinion to share.

Other thoughts include such ideas as putting Once a Hero… into the print edition. Or making the ePub $0.99 and including it in both eBook and dead tree editions.

No promises. It lacks a title and my getting all the separate little tales gathered up into a single document. This means it could fall victim to laziness. I make no apologies for such if it does.

Would like to hear from anyone who has an opinion for or against this idea IF you have reasons to include with your opinion (nothing stopping a short, sweet, unelaborated “good idea”/”bad idea” message if you really want, I just ain’t asking for it).

Also title suggestions. I’ll post my favourites, credited with name unless anonymity is requested. If I go with a suggested title, or consciously base mine on it you get credit in the book too, of course.

This is an open topic until a title is settled on (though for the fun of it feel free to keep those coming. Got no problem posting creative, interesting stuff regardless what the stuff on the site might lead you to believe ;p), but if I’ve got a title I’m done with votes.

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