New project, definitely

So, yeah, Shan and I are going to do the compiled tories thing. I mean, why the fuck not, right?

Right now it’s called Tapestry of Life, but I’m none too attached to the title and Shan really doesn’t like it (had to name the file something, though. Unlike Shan I don’t like having things named such as Universal Nexus Thingy 32.pages). This means feel free to give title suggestions.

Still undecided about including Once a Hero… or not, but it’s still a maybe. Will be including some other stuff by Shan that isn’t now on the site, and have no idea if that stuff will be or not, yet.

Any rate. Yeah, got started on it. Have Orphaned, Ana & Lyn’s First Time, Lance & Jasmine, and Fate merged. No intros written, and editing will come after those. The stories will be in order by chronological earliest, unlike the site where they’re in order by which was written first.

As the meat of the project, obviously, is already written and, mostly, already edited expect it out by Thanksgiving (sooner if we have no trouble deciding on a cover).


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