New Deadline

Stolen Time is still in Editorial phase.

This was unavoidable. In addition to the puppy, my editor caught a nasty flu/cold thing and has spent a week unable to edit a See Spot Run book, let alone something with complex sentence structure.

Still I hope to publish within the month of November, but I’m setting myself a deadline of the Solstice. I assume (probably a touch optimistically since both myself and Shannon are notorious procrastinators … we’ll see though) that this is an attainable goal.

Anyway, as soon as Stolen Time is out, it time to look at the story of how Anastasia (yes, the same one from the story) wound up one of Darrien’s Daggers, a story about a young Sweytzian girl on a student exchange trip to a Confederate world, and of course Lady Salarissa’s Salon (which I hope will become an irregular series of short story collections), and many others.

With that backlog and others I didn’t feel like mentioning yet, I really wonder what’s going to come along to top the puppy for reasons to miss deadline. I’ve terrible visions of walking outside to find a small hyperactive cria, or something. We’ll see, I guess.

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