Indie Author Land interview

SONY DSCStolen Time got an entry from the folks over at Indie Author Land … was it yesterday?  Yeah, yesterday!  And today I got the site sorted out properly!  Hurray!

For them who don’t know it, Indie Author Land is a site dedicated to providing free promotion to, three guesses, yeah indie authors (who’d have guess it with a name like that, eh?).

Their interview is kind of interestingly done.  You fill out a form that isn’t necessarily the same two days in a row, and that goes to the folks who manage the site who then compile your answers to that into an interview.  So while it might not, by strictest definition, be one — it’s also not just some wiki of people going “here’s my book and stuff I have to say about it” either.  It’s somewhere in between.

Still, they’re awesome, they have a fair following, so it’s good exposure, doesn’t cost a dime, and they’re really nice folks if you need to contact them directly about anything.  They even promote the shit out of your sales and giveaways if you tell them you’re having one (has to be Kindle, though, at least for now).

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