I feel so stupid sometimes

Okay, so making a cover for a print edition of a book is a bloody pain in the neck and that was my first major delay. This, though, is fine. That it eluded me to the point I decided to resort to CreateSpace‘s built in cover templates instead of making my own isn’t so embarrassing. It really is a PAIN and I’d welcome if anyone can suggest a Mac OSX compatible program to make them, because Photoshop is NOT a fun choice for something like this.

No, the stupidity cane today, 24 or so hours after I got the cover sorted out: review process is over and I just have to check and approve the proof … and notice I forgot page numbers! Worse? Laughing at myself I email Shan asking her to look at the proof and see if she spots the mistake. Nah, she spotted another: I forgot a table of contents.

So, back to the document and the adding of page numbers and TOC. Now the damn thing goes BACK into the 24-48hr review thing then I get to check the proof and pray I’ve not overlooked anything THEN approve it and it’ll be for sale. So, Saturday night or Sunday afternoon at the earliest for an edition I started working on Wednesday morn. Ah, but I feel special today.

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