Hey Games Workshop! SPACE MARINE!!! fuck you

English: Games Workshop in Oslo

English: Games Workshop in Oslo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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So to get this off my chest some more: SPACE MARINES SPACE MARINES SPACE MAINES!!!

Games Workshop, your retarded bastard fucker selves are welcome to contact me. I guarantee you I am violating no game trademarks – I don’t make or sell games – nor is this blog remotely a piece of stationary British or otherwise.

Honestly, I’m shocked and disgusted that no lawyer is willing to take this on Pro Bono: they KNOW they’ll win this and could get all the paying they want out of the court.

Also, the EFF? They were founded for fighting this kinda shit, but well, they’re too busy being pissing that, in a society that uses money people have the audacity to charge for things like books and software. Needless to say: I’m hardly surprised they took so little interest in helping.

Still, bad press for GW. No hardship for me not to hand them a penny, their products never much interested me, and their novels are mediocre even with the help of talented writers (you can only do so much good). If you’re a big WH40k fan, I’m not saying toss out your stuff, or not to get that new thing you’ve been drooling over, but you might reconsider where your money is going. The rest of us – let’s spread this around, FB, Twitter, blogs … this ought to be fun.

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