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Wow, so I’ve not said anything in a long time.  Unless I become like famous and I’m talked about in public forums and such, this is probably going to be a common thing.  I’ll rant about things when I get some good steam behind an opinion and I’m near the computer, otherwise I have a fuck boring life so there’s not always a lot to talk about; I could talk about writing but how many blogposts can you actually make that say “it’s your goddamned story, you write it whatever way makes you happy, don’t let anyone else tell you how to do or it or what it ought to be” and “listen to sound editing advice like ‘this verb should be past, not present tense’ by people who know more about English than you do, and ‘uhmm this guy who you just killed in chapter 8, you incinerated him in chapter 2’ from people with better memories than you”; any other advice accept it graciously and ignore it unless you, sincerely to the depths of your soul, agree with them.

There?  See?  Out of topics.

English: Leonard Nimoy (Spock) at the Las Vega...

Oh?  Leonard Nimoy‘s death?  I’m sure his family and friends are very sad.  He seemed like a nice guy so I’m kinda bummed that they have to be sad.  I wasn’t a big fan of Spock, and I know almost nothing about the man outside of that, but yes, what I did know painted him a pretty neat guy so it’s totally ungroovy.

There are two things worth talking about on a more substantial level, though:

Queers Destroy Science Fiction:  This is a pretty awesome thing that got us$53K of its us$5K kickstarter goal!!  That’s some serious backing for some goddamned queers to write up some fruity scifi, amIright?  Just kidding, I fucking love the entire concept and I’ve a short story submitted to them (so does Shannon) but I’ve not heard back about it yet (this is both good and bad – good, I’ve not been rejected yet, bad I don’t know what’s going on because I should have heard back by 1 March).  Even if I don’t make it in I’m really excited about this and was excited about its predecessor Women Destroy Science Fiction and I’m ashamed to say (but am totally stoked about now!) that I somehow utterly missed the memo about the other two Women ones, Horror and Fantasy.  Though now I say that I vaguely recall something about the horror one.  Anyway, it’s cool.  Yay, go pre-order it.

Okay, that didn’t take up a lot of time either, but since it’s part of a longer rambling, well that’s a big part of why I’m saying something now despite having known about the damned thing for months and having a story in their hands since January.

Courtney Meets Marcello:  I’m working on … I’ve no idea what it is.  Courtney is a 9, soon to be 10, year old telepath whose father sort of adopts an orphaned space rat who he accidentally gets into some trouble while they’re on a family shopping trip into another galaxy.  Hilarity and oddness ensue as he experiences culture shock and she’s just a very odd little girl.  It’s being born out of a story of Shannon’s that she abandoned because … well, her version was a great idea and lots of great writing … but the gestalt wasn’t so hot.   She’s reworked what the idea turned into as Intertwined Lives which is tonnes more awesomer because she’s actually telling several really great stories that are only tangentially connected on purpose rather than what happened in the abandoned work where that’d been an oops.  And tangentially connected divergent stories is way better than it sounds, that’s an accurate description of A Song of Ice & Fire.

So, yeah that’s it.

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