G’bye Targus, hello Thinkgeek

CVR600_cases_bTo the left we have my lovely Targus backpack. Today I say sayonara to it.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea.  This has been a very good bag.  I’ve had it for years, but it’s finally dying.

Now the single real complaint I’ve got is that this thing doesn’t distribute weight well.  Adding 1lb (0.45kg) to it can feel like 15 (6.8).  Also, it’s got nylon zippers … not a huge problem until they get old, as mine have, and … well, they’re the main reason I have declared it to be dying.  That, and one of my damned cats pissed all over it and the smell won’t come out (ugh!).

13f3_firefly_kaylee-inspired_messenger_bagHello, new Kaylee bag.  Now, in all honesty, for my purposes, I probably ought to have chosen the Bag of Holding, but … c’mon, a Kaylee patches bag!!  Too fucking cool.

It’s actually a really good bag.  Though I’ll warn you, it does none of your organising for you.  There are 6 pockets about the size of large men’s back pants’ pockets … maybe somewhat bigger, I guess.  A few inches to a side, maybe as many as 6.  4 inside the main, 2 just under the flap.  Then it’s got these little tube shaped elastic sealed pockets on either end.  Then the main compartment.  If all you need is something to carry your laptop, or just some random stuff.  It’s fantastic.  If you, like me, need to keep some unholy mess of works in progress, plus writing tools, AND a laptop one day?  Well, it’s not bad for it — but have folders and things to keep it all.  Right now I’ve just got this huge mass of paper in it.  I’ll definitely need to be organising it better at some point, but first I have to decide how.  Regardless, ThinkGeek did a wonderful, if not awe-inspiring job on this thing.

Want one of either of these bags?  Click the pictures.

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