First Status Post

Well, the story is done. The narrative, sadly, is not.
What went wrong? Nothing especially. I started out in first person and everything was going fine, but I was unable to satisfactorily wrap things up at the end. I reached a point I could have just said “The End”, but it felt flat.
As a result I’m redrafting it in third person. This is going quite well and should leave a more fulfilling ending.

Where should you look for this and when?
When, not 100% sure yet. At the rate things are going, though, I’d say end of August at the soonest, end of September more likely, and Halloween at the latest.

As for where, keep an eye out in your favourite eBookstore (if you don’t have one I, personally, prefer the Apple iBookstore — the app is so much nicer).

That’s all there is to say for now. I only decided to redraft a few days ago so it’s not far along yet.

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