Easy part is done

Well, the as yet not officially named collection is … collected.

Now we get the fun part where there’s this editing thing that we do, cuts down on weird typos and stuff. And we were going to write these introduction things. And there’s possibly some stories we’re going to put in there that aren’t on the website (actually one already is, but that has more to do with Shan not being terribly sure what she wanted to do with it yet).

Sadly we have 2 more stories I’d like to see in it, but unless we want to delay this until sometime next year it just ain’t going to happen. Why? We’re submitting them to a differently short story collection not being compiled by us. So … can’t really. You know how these things go.

Well, stay tuned, and for the love of the gods spread the word. If you have to, hack people’s Facebooks and like the Universal Nexus Facebook page for them or something.

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