Could this be the end?!

Don’t get your hopes up, I don’t mean of my writing career. I meant of my writer’s block.

I won’t say I’ve been writing nothing, but my brain has been eaten by my secret project. I couldn’t do anything Universal Nexus related most of this year.

Still, recently I wrote a short story for an anthology that will open submissions up this December. I’ve written another short story for the Lady Salarissa’s Salon collection. And I’ve found what I hope is the inspiration to break loose of the trouble I’ve been having in two other projects.

On my to-write list now:

  • More Lady Salarissa shorts
  • Finish Anastasia Joins the Daggers and get a better damned title for it
  • Finish Jasmine’s novel and get it a title
  • Kaelee & Dejah’s adventures series
  • Rialanna’s romantic adventure full of buckled swashes, space pirates, and a talking cat (one of these things is a base lie, can you guess what?)
  • Lorixa’s Story, I might want to finish that

One story, for now anyway, is well and truly abandoned: Salandra’s Revolution. It has the distinction of being the first novel idea I’ve ever had, and having been the first single work of mine to exceed thirty thousand words. Sadly it just isn’t working. Maybe one day, though.

I do hope you’re looking forward to these as much a I am (okay, as I didn’t tell you much it’s okay to only look forward half as much a me).


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