Correction made

Those who have purchased Stolen Time Kindle Edition should redownload it soon.

I’m sincerely sorry for the weird formatting problem.  I honestly didn’t see it initially.  All I ever managed to spot was a few Kindle versions seemed to wrap half a line down to the next one arbitrarily.  I believe I threw a few other people’s books at that and discovered it’s just a weird version though so didn’t think much of it.

Then during the free promo weekend (SO sorry that got cut short, I have a limited number of them and it burned one for me if that makes you feel better) I got to read it on Shannon’s iPad and discovered the weird formatting.  Thing is, the document was FINE on Kindle for OSX.  And the previewer showed it good in a few other Kindle versions still.  But for iPad and Android users and a few others it looked like shit.

One long nightmare that didn’t help this flu I’ve caught later and I finally have an updated copy uploaded.  Formatting is all right — not perfect, but readable (I fucking hope), and I didn’t have to lose the TOC like I was starting to suspect.

See, for some reason, Calibre (the only sanity preserving way I’ve found to generate an Amazon table of contents … have I mentioned recently I really don’t care for the damned .mobi format?) has some … let’s call them quirks, and it was causing this.  You’ll find online all manner of things blaming it on one word processor or another, but honestly if I fed the document through anything else the mobi file was fine, if lacking a ToC.  All instructions to cause Amazon’s software to see a table of contents didn’t work.  Period.  Turns out, though, if you start with (of all things) a damned HTML file with a handmade table of contents at the beginning and feed that to Calibre, you can make a .mobi file that reads correctly in Kindle Previewer.  Yay!  It even had a TOC (after a little finagling)!  But it was apparently corrupt.  Yep, all the upload issues was that file.  Oddly I could have sworn at 3am I’d tested that, but it WAS 3am and I’d been at that for over 6hrs and so might’ve missed something that bloody obvious.

Anyway, if you use footnotes and need a .mobi file and don’t want TOO big a headache:  make an HTML of your book with a hyperlinked autogen TOC at the beginning.  Set a bookmark labled toc on the ‘Table of Contents‘ header.  Import this into Calibre.  Afterward convert THAT to ePub, NOT mobi.  Convert the ePub to mobi.  Yes, you read that right.  Also, to keep the tabs from being extreme at the start of your paragraphs enable heuristic processing and uncheck everything but that css tabs thing that’s the last option on that bit.  Works a treat.


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