Branded and other news

Just an update on what’s happening. A short delay in my mysterious other project has left me some CPU cycles in the old frontal lobe for some Universal Nexus stuff.

As a result I’ve written another short story for the Lady Salarissa’s Salon series.
I’ve written a bit further into Ana’s story, which still has no title.
I’ve written no more of Jasmine’s tale, but I thought of a fantastic title: Branded
I’ve started on Kaelee & Dejah’s story (series?)

I’ve also started a second mysterious project.

I’ve reviewed a few things on Indie Fic Reviews.

For those who managed to miss the news I’m now on Nook and Kobo with Stolen Time.

Aside from that I’ve only got tirades about NCSoft and how they handled the closing of City of Heroes. A few choice things about social justice crap and other things that make me feel like a George Carlin impersonator, and a general comment that my young kitten is perfectly precious and adorable (that’s her in the corner).


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