Amazon is catching up with the times!

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English: Amazon Kindle DX Graphite displaying Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been wondering for a few days now, just what I should blog about next.

Well, today while I was dealing with Amazon to review a book for my other site I discovered that Amazon has added a new feature to their Kindle functions:  Automatic book update!

Now a few notes:

  • Everyone else has had this pretty much since their inceptions.  Kindle is disgustingly far behind on this idea.
  • They didn’t announce it — you have to be freaking browsing the site to discover it.  Still, you’ll see this announcement on, if you’re browsing books you already bought (even as gifts) and if you’re in Manage My Kindle.  Anywhere else?  Nope.  Did you miss an email notification?  Not that I ever received.  The link takes you here.
  • As you will see, automatic updating is off by default.  Also curious — as far as I can research it, auto-update is the only choice.  All methods of manual update I’ve ever found online fail.  Including references to a previously available “update” option for individual books in Manage My Kindle (this predates my using eBooks at all, so it’s purely secondhand data that the option ever existed).

So, once more, I’m left with a rather mixed feeling about Amazon and the Kindle.  I feel happy with them for adding this function, but I’m angry with them for taking so long to do it.  Very much as I am happy with them for having a fairly easy self-publishing method, but rather irritated with them over many of the terms of that system.  With KF8 they introduce Kindle users to something rather more closely aligned with ePUB, but precious few of their devices can actually open those books.

Still, congrats Amazon for finally adding a truly beneficial function to your customer experience.

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