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Okay, so absolutely in October there will be a Nook edition of Stolen Time. If there’ll be an iBooks version at that time depends on a few things, but if there is that will also be when I’ll be introducing Kobo edition.

All future releases will be Kindle, Nook, and Trade Paperback pretty much from day one. IBooks and Kobo may have delays just because of their requirements.

All in all, though, things should go a touch smoother from here on. Calibre may have fixed their MOBI support, I’m still looking into that, and everyone else is sensible and uses ePub.

Tradepaper editions will, for the time being, have separate covers from the eBook versions because making the covers for the printer is a nightmare. i’d hope Adobe InDesign would fix that. I’ve no idea what I was smoking when I got the idea to put easy in the same sentence ad the name of an Adobe product. Really, have those dipshits ever heard of the word intuitive? Or the concept of a help file? Oh, it’s got a help, but it’s completely useless. So far as I can tell it’s written for people who don’t NEED a help file because they already know hat all of this is and does because nothing a NEW user might be trying to look up, like supported import document formats and such are in there. Getting started section? Perfect for a very specific purpose, the generation of any kind of actual BOOK, no, don’t be absurd! Who might use a desktop publishing software with both print and digital distribution format support to make a book?! no, of course you want it for the kinds of business documents that Word or OpenOffice are MEANT FOR and so are actually easier to use in making.

Oh well.

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