About Me

I don’t write autobiographical shit. I don’t want to.  Besides, it shouldn’t matter over much who or what I am.  I mean, if my stories are written by a pancake or a plumber, a fish or a fascist, a dolphin or a deist … the stories I’ve written are what they are, nothing about me changes them so it’s exceedingly strange for you to actually care.

Instead I’m just going to put little linky bits to my writing. Read it, don’t read it. It’s your business. Yes, I care what you think of it, to an extent. Do I want detailed literary critiques? Gods no. Who does? Literary criticism is for Lit Majors and other people who can’t write who sit around talking about how much they love each other’s shit.

Do I care about strict scientific accuracy? No, not at all. Strict scientific accuracy has no place in Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Space Opera, Planetary Romance, and anything else that looks at the universe and asks ‘What if’ and ‘Why not’. These are important questions. If Jules Verne had cared about scientific accuracy there’d never have been any such thing as the submarine. If it hadn’t been for the story of Icarus & Daedalus, perhaps, the Wright brothers may never have flown. Before you dismiss fiction as impossible remember the following things that, in their time, were also impossible: sustained, powered flight; ultrasonic transportation; space travel; cell phones.

Social or Psychological criticisms? Sorry – again – I’m not interested. This is a Space Opera and Speculative Fiction. We don’t know all there is to know about the human psyche, far from it, and we certainly don’t know all there is to know about alien psyches. These stories examine a hypothesis regarding how other people, other cultures, other creatures might behave and think. Until you can present me with the fully documented source code for all life in the full spectrum of existence you can just keep your damned mouth shut for all the attention I’ll pay it.

If you want to make suggestions regarding spelling, grammar, genuine constructive criticism regarding plot, story, etc. … please, by all means, feel free. You’re free to say the other stuff above, too, come to that, but that stuff I won’t care about and won’t pay attention to so it would just be a big waste of time. I also am quite willing to, at the very least, entertain begging, pleading, offers of sexual favours, bribes, and other forms of request for more fiction to be posted/published..

Oh, want to know where you can send those comments, requests, etc.?
try that contact link up above.
And if you can’t figure out how to work it then most of this fiction is over your head. Why don’t you try Hop on Pop or See Spot Run. It might be a bit more suitable.